Saturday, 12 August 2017

Hypnostory - The Lesson

I have a new, free feminization file available, entitled Hypnostory - The Lesson

It contains a short story, which the subject listens to after being placed in a deep trance. At various points in the story the subject finds themselves compelled to act out the part of the main character, even though this involves a considerable degree of humiliation. 

Before listening, subjects should ensure that they have at least an hour of privacy, and have a pair of panties with them. 

The file installs a trigger which can be used to return the subject instantly to trance, and a second version of the file is available which uses this trigger rather than a full induction. 

Both versions can also be downloaded from WarpMyMind

Warning - there is a particularly humiliating instruction in the story, which has the potential to alter the subject's behaviour in the long term, and I have no plans to provide a way to undo this.

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