Friday, 13 July 2018

The Politics of Pretty Pink Panties

Here is a question for you to ponder : 

Why exactly does it seem humiliating for men to wear pretty, frilly panties?

Personally, I have no problem with this state of affairs. I enjoy using hypnosis to encourage men to pose in panties for me (see my latest free audio file) precisely because I have a humiliation fetish. However, I think it can be instructive to try to unravel the underlying rationale. 

Is there something inherently demeaning about femininity in comparison to masculinity, or do we simply live in a culture that programmes us to believe that there is? 

Or is it possible that the answer does not have to revolve around the nature of femininity at all?

Consider the following hypothetical example. I have a male subject whom I have hypnotised into putting on ‘sensible’ female clothing, perhaps a plain blouse, knee length skirt, and flat shoes. Imagine that every item of clothing has clearly been designed for practicality rather than sensuality. Perhaps, for some people, the perception of humiliation would still be there, but for me it would only seem like a rather dull waste of a trance. 

How about a more interesting example? Picture a dominatrix, clad in black pvc, with black thigh length boots, and a whip in her hand - the very epitome of erotic power. Now imagine that she has been placed in a trance and then instructed to change into a frilly, pink bunny girl outfit, complete with fluffy tail and a pair of cute bunny ears. On either side of the transformation she is wearing clothing that is overtly erotic and stereotypically associated with females. So if the change is perceived to be in any way humiliating then there must be some other factor involved beyond our opinions on the nature of femininity.  

For me that factor is obvious - power. Some items of clothing have come to imply a humiliating loss of power. 

Such clothing ultimately does not symbolise femininity, it symbolises that the wearer has found themselves adopting a subservient role. 

One interesting implication of this is that, in the unlikely event that we ever find our way to a more egalitarian society in which gender roles are entirely a matter of choice, it may still seem humiliating for men to wear pretty pink panties. 

Colours and designs may change, but I believe that there will always be some form of clothing that is a strong signifier of submissiveness and loss of control. Too many people get too much pleasure from erotic power exchange for this aspect of our sexual culture to ever disappear, no matter how open minded or consensual the world might become. 

I don’t doubt that there will be many people for whom the argument being made here will not ring true. 

I don’t doubt that there are men for whom wearing pretty pink panties feels like a liberating expression of a feminine side for which they have precious few outlets. 

I don’t doubt that there will be women for whom wearing pretty pink panties feels like an empowering expression of both their femininity and their sexuality. 

I don’t doubt that there are myriad other reasons why other people enjoy wearing pretty pink panties. 

But for me, it is not the perception of femininity but of loss of power that counts. For anyone whose brain is kinked in the same way as mine, this is ultimately where the eroticism comes from.  

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