My name is Loka,

I am a hypnotist with an interest in most fetishes that involve some form of humiliation.

Physically I am male. Psychologically and emotionally, I have both masculine and feminine traits. Sexually, I am a switch.

The things I do as Loka are an expression of my feminine and dominant sides.

I have a collection of hypnotic audio files available here and at Warp My MindAll files are text-to-speech and use a variety of induction and deepening techniques. Newer files are available in both male and female voices, older files are female voice only. A basic account at Warp My Mind is free and will give access to most of the older files.

I have a Tumblr where I display pictures of my subjects, along with anything else that interests me.

I can also be found on Fetlife as Lokahypno

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